This is the profile of a debt free person. Let it be yours too!

There are people who do not need to take debts to live comfortably. People who although at some point asked for a personal loan or used credit cards, do not live thinking about whether they will receive the money tomorrow, and they know how to control their personal finances . Find out the profile of Read More

Do you know why you should buy on credit?

When we acquire a good “on credit” we are paying something extra for having obtained that money in advance, this extra we pay is called interest. Many people excuse themselves in the interests to say that applying for a loan of any kind does not suit us and that it is better to save. The Read More

Less expensive loan insurance than bank loan insurance

Guarantee your postal bank credit with non-bank loan insurance. By applying for a bank loan to finance real estate, La Polas Bank offers you to subscribe to a bank loan insurance to insure your loved ones and your property assets Postal Bank Insurance, You certainly know it but today, with the lagard law device you can Read More

Vehicle insurance: Why buy it if it is not mandatory?

If the Obligatory Traffic Accident Insurance (KLOSIs) is the only one that does or should carry the cars, why does the vehicle insurance exist? That is a thought that revolves in the minds of many drivers in the country. Some even choose to buy their KLOSIs and forget about insurance, thinking that it is enough Read More

Requirements for a mortgage portfolio purchase

The particular documents requested by the loan company as part of the requirements for a home loan portfolio purchase are similar to the ones from the initial loan application. The list will be short. This is what you need. Partial payment from the housing loan Based on Law 546 of 99, mortgage loans can be Read More